May Walk 2017

Monday 1st May Day Walk
11 am start.11.15 am Nailcote Hall.Just after midday continue walk via Spencer Lane to Berkswell. The Bear Inn request prior booking for lunch. The Reading Room is also open for lunches.

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1,000 Years of Coventry Heritage


Godiva TrustCommemorate the 1,000th anniversary of the birth of Coventry. Through a program of dance, music and story telling we will walk through the key events of the last 1000 years of Coventry dating back to St. Osburga as the first woman of Coventry. As part of the celebration a Tapestry capturing the history of Coventry will be unveiled. Created and inspired by hundreds of people, this hand crafted work of art, incorporates multi-faith intergenerational work by schools and communities.

Event Times
Friday 9 September: 10.30-13.00
No booking required, Free event open to all

Lady Godiva, Godiva Sisters, schools and communities will join in a procession of music and colour to walk from Broadgate to Coventry Cathedral

11.00am (Coventry Cathedral)
Artistic performances of music, dance and drama to tell the story of 1000 years of Coventry’s history
Presentation of Tapestry depicting key events of 1000 years

12.00pm (Coventry Cathedral)
Refreshments & music

Coventry’s heritage Cathedral quarter is surrounded by cobble stones and one way access the only immediate parking is for disabled badge holders only,but general parking is available in Cox Street Car Park or the West Orchards Shopping area Car Park which is very close to Broadgate.

Additional information
This year and day is the special feast day of Saint Osburga the first woman of Coventry. In the year 1016 Coventry was burnt to the ground her convent and all nuns massacred by the Vikings. It is believed that Godiva and Leofric built their church on the very spot and thus Coventry began. Lady Godiva, Countess of Mercia shares this feast day too, Dame Goodyvers Daye. Pru is the founder of the Godiva Trust charity and originator of the annual Godiva procession, an event created to build on our heritage, the powerful heroines across cultures to promote social cohesion.


International Womens Week Events From Godiva Trust

Please see the full list promoting all Women’s events for Women’s Week 2016.

This includes our events from Godiva Trust
“Back to the Future” Exhibition March 1, 2016 – March 14, 2016 Story

Telling March 5, 2016 at 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Foleshill Library
Broad Street

Exhibition of influential women from history and modern times, to be expanded by the local community and school children highlighting significant women in their lives and a vision of women of the future.

Story Telling for children that takes inspiration from true stories of women from around that world that made an impact for positive change. March 8 & 10 The Godiva Sisters bring the culture of women from around the world to life through stories, music, dance and food, finishing with a meditation session

March 7 & 8, 2016 Schools workshop examining famous women in history (including women from Coventry) up to the present, and what women might achieve in the future.

Godiva Trust – Phone: 024 7659 8901 Library hours: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm • Sat 9am-4pm • Sun 12noon-4pm
Please share extensively across networks and client groups…and come along.

There are lots of events taking place across the city which can be found on Social Media:

Twitter: @IWW2016


Coventry celebrates Dame Goodyver’s Day

Article by Steve Williams Coventry Telegraph
Crowds of schoolchildren and residents came together to celebrate the history of the city’s most famous benefactor.


Dame Goodyver Day event at Coventry Cathedral Ruins.

Coventry schoolchildren and residents came together yesterday to celebrate the history of the city’s most famous benefactor, Lady Godiva .

The highlight of the ‘ Dame Goodyver’s Day ’ celebrations was a dramatic procession which set out from Coventry Cathedral through the city centre, featuring large banners and live drums and 18 ‘Godiva Sisters’ of different faiths and races, wearing traditional dress.

Crowds were also wowed by multi-cultural dances and songs as they congregated by the Lady Godiva statue in Broadgate to watch the spectacle. The event was attended by members of the public, local schoolchildren and dignitaries including the Lord Mayor.

Dame Goodyver’s Day was organised by Coventry’s modern-day ‘ Lady Godiva ’ and city ambassador, Pru Poretta, in collaboration with Heritage Open Days.

Pru resurrected the Dame Goodyver’s Day tradition in 1999 – more than 500 years after it was first celebrated on the day of Lady Godiva’s death in 1067.