Coventry world tree of peace 2020

A small young tree has been transformed at Coventry War memorial Park during Coventry Peace festival 2020 and has become the centre of attention, a real show stopper during lockdown.

Last week people passed by this little young tree ,unnoticed it stood, instead they sought the huge array of beautiful large Oaks and huge trees giving  autumnal scenes .But  now with the help of The Godiva Sisters getting busy with silk red ribbons the little tree has taken on a whole  new life, as other much larger trees drop their leaves and become bare our Coventry world tree of Peace has bloomed with messages of peace and white paper doves setting seeds of love taking messages out to the other side of the world.

Our world tree of peace is part of Coventry’s Peace Festival, which runs till 15thNovember, it stands witness for Coventry being a city of peace and Reconciliation and a city of sanctuary.  Throughout lockdown, people are stopping to see, photo and some return adding their peace messages others turning to social media The lockdown encourages people to take exercise in the park as a safe haven to meet with another person, so our tree stands as a special message of hope and remembrance for all those who pass by 

Our aim is that the public will give opportunity to reflect and contemplate whilst in the presence of the world peace tree with over 30 different languages it will promote world peace, environment & peace building 

We believe our  World Tree of Peace is making a real statement, using multi- lingual languages written by the Godiva Sisters to inspire and encourage world peace by using the natural environment to reach out like the branches to our city and beyond inspiring new generations.

If you venture into Coventry you could see how it is blooming in the War Memorial Park, Kenilworth road, Coventry. Also our film world tree of peace will premiere Wednesday 11th November at 11.15am link below

Please contact us for more info we would be delighted if you could share this story thank you 

Kindest regards